Hurricane Panels Broward County, FL

BMC Hurricane Protection

Our Aluminum Hurricane Panels exceed the Florida Building Code, as well as Texas and the International Building code testing standards. Our hurricane panels also surpass any tests within the High Velocity Hurricane Zone found in Miami-Dade County.

  • Fast And Easy Installation
  • Lightweight And Easy To Store
  • Vertical And Horizontal Mounting
  • Affordable Protection
  • Clear Panel Options
  • Allow Natural Light Indoors


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Hurricane Panels Built For Extreme Performance

Built for even the most extreme weather conditions, our panels have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of even 180mph. In accordance with the latest Florida Building Code and International Building Code wind standards, they are also tested for 2” x 4” missile impact from windborne debris. The Aluminum .050” and .060” panels have also been tested for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 201-202 and 203 standards (the old Miami-Dade test standards). Clear Polycarbonate panels meeting the same testing standards are also available which can be used alone or mixed into our patented Clear/Metal/Clear applications which allows you to avoid that closed in β€œcave” feeling while waiting for the storm to hit and pass.

Why Hurricane Panels?

Everyone should have some form of storm protection over their windows. Even if they have hurricane tested glass, many still prefer a second layer, for reassurance. While storm shutters, like Bahama or accordion shutter as well as roll down shutters, are other popular choices, there’s a few reasons people opt for hurricane panels instead

  • Storm Panel Are Inexpensive
  • Storm Panels Are Removable
  • Comes In Variety Of Styles
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Increases Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Accordion Shutters.

When anchors or tracks are installed above and below the opening, the hurricane panels are mounted vertically. Drawing a diagram of the house or structure maybe helpful. Measure all opening from the outside. Measure the width first and then the height and round to the nearest inch if opening is not trapped.

If you acquired a set of hurricane shutters but you need to trim them to length to fit your windows or doors you can do so with a table saw. It is important that you first install a blade into your table saw that works for cutting metal. Carbide wood saws will not do a good job of cutting metal.

Hurricane-force winds can lead to a tremendous amount of pressure against your windows. Without hurricane panels, your windows may shatter as a result of this pressure, bringing in rain and debris that can cause significant damage to your home. This is why hurricane panels are so important.

We only have two words for this question: security and peace of mind. To have both of these is worth the price of any type of hurricane panel. Not only do they prevent loss and damage from the storm, but they also provide added protection from looters and vandals once the hurricane has passed. One of the most popular and affordable types of coverings is aluminum hurricane panels.