Living in Florida or any hurricane-affected area can be stressful especially when you don't have the right protection. But with hurricane shutters, there's no need for panic because they are designed to block flying debris, protect you, your family and your home during a hurricane. It is crucial to protect your home with a solution that is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds. Not only are they affordable but very popular due to their versatility and strength. With BMC Hurricane Protection you can feel safe. We provide you with the utmost quality installation.

Accordion shutters offer you the ultimate value in hurricane protection. This type of shutter stacks beside the opening of the window so when not in use it unfolds easily accordion style, the system is permanently mounted so it can be closed quickly, Allowing more time to prepare for evacuation or sheltering. When you consider cost and ease of use, Its no wonder accordion shutters are the most popular type of hurricane protection.

We manufacture & Assemble Impact Accordion Shutters.  Our accordion shutters fabricated with thick extruded aluminum alloy are designed for high strength, it is made of aluminum and other corrosive resistant materials for an extended lifetime. the enamel finish is baked at 450degrees to assure a lasting finish. Also available; high-security locking system for storefront applications.