Our Aluminum Hurricane Panels exceed the Florida Building Code, as well as Texas and the International Building code testing standards. Our hurricane panels also surpass any tests within the High Velocity Hurricane Zone found in Miami-Dade County.

Built for even the most extreme weather conditions, our panels have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of even 180mph. In accordance with the latest Florida Building Code and International Building Code wind standards, they are also tested for 2” x 4” missile impact from windborne debris. The Aluminum .050” and .060” panels have also been tested for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone TAS 201-202 and 203 standards (the old Miami-Dade test standards). Clear Polycarbonate panels meeting the same testing standards are also available which can be used alone or mixed into our patented Clear/Metal/Clear applications which allows you to avoid that closed in “cave” feeling while waiting for the storm to hit and pass.

This material is incredibly strong; similar to ballistic Nylon with an environmental weatherproof coating that attaches with easy to use clips which you can adjust on the job for ultimate placement. The fabric is semi-translucent so you can avoid that closed in "cave" feeling. It is lightweight for ease of installation and rolls up for simple easy storage almost anywhere. Unlike most of our competitors, our panels have no small pores to allow water to freely pass through which can lead to additional damage to your home.


Features of our clear hurricane panels:

  • Made of strong polycarbonate
  • Allows for natural light to enter your home while still remaining protected
  • Desireable for business during severe weather so customers can see that you're open
  • Can be installed alone or mixed with metal panels
  • Most affordable type of approved storm protection
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Can be installed either vertically or horizontally
  • Designed to be installed into a top header track and a bottom track or it can just be attached directly to the wall without tracks
  • Lightweight and easy to store