The primary reason for impact windows and doors installation in your home or property is, of course, to protect your home against hurricanes and storms. Florida is at the mercy of the Atlantic hurricane season. Over recent years, there is an average of 12 named storms a year, and on average 3 of them will become a cat 3 or higher hurricane. FIU estimates that Hurricane Irma cost Florida $19.4 Billion. If even one window is broken, the barrier between high outdoor pressures produced by hurricanes and the internal lower pressure of your home is broken, and this will cause massive internal damage, destroying your home and putting lives at risk.
We carry the most current impact rated Windows & Doors to protect your home or commercial business. Depending on your needs and desires we can determine which brand will benefit you best always keeping your budget in mind for full satisfaction and protection.
Impact windows look just like any ordinary window. They are made to provide protection against strong and Damaging winds. Since impact windows don't need to be covered you can see everything happening during a hurricane and are more aesthetically appealing than hurricane shutters.

Benefits of impact windows are:

  • One time installation
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Noise Reduction
  • Better Appearance

Impact doors also have many benefits such as offering 24-hour protection from burglars and hurricanes. Also, like impact windows, it reduces the energy consumption in your home because of its high-performance Low-E coating (when applicable) that reduces heat loss. Impact windows & doors not only keep you comfortable but also reduces your electric bill. Statistics show that impact glass can reduce your annual energy consumption by 40 percent and also increases home value. Impact doors and windows both have protection from UV-Rays and both reduce outside noise, it’s a perfect way to protect your home all year long.